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The Mess is one of most important traditions in the Canadian Armed Forces. Messes have been used by the Canadian Armed Forces throughout Canada's history to foster morale and promote military values including camaraderie and unit cohesiveness. Messes give members a strong sense of commitment to the ideas, objectives, and basic responsibility expected of them within the Canadian Armed Forces and set the standard for military service within Canada.

Messes retain a functional role as social and dining clubs and are the centre of social life for units. They enhance the esprit de corps of units, lighten the load of demanding day-to-day work, give commanders an opportunity to meet socially with their troops, and enable members of all ranks to create bonds of friendship and better working relations through an atmosphere of good fellowship.


There are three categories of mess membership:
Ordinary, Associate and Honorary

ordinary memberS 

  • All Canadian Regular Force officers and Primary Reserve officers,

  • Officers of the Forces of other countries who are on exchange with or on loan to the CAF, and who are employed at a base, station, unit or ship served by the Mess,

  • Cadet Instructor Cadre officers of directly sponsored cadet units who share the same facilities, and

  • Officer Cadets for whom a Mess is established in their college or university.

Every ordinary member must pay Mess dues.


Associate members

The Following persons may, with the approval of the Commanding Officer, be associate members of a mess appropriate to their rank or status:

  • Retired. This category comprises, except in a ship's mess, persons who;

    • were honourably released from the Regular Force and entitled to an immediate or deferred service annuity, or deferred service annuity;

    • or were honourably released from the Primary Reserve and have accumulated 12 or more years of service.

  • Working. This category comprises;

    • Department of National Defence (DND) civilian employees who are employed at the unit or other element for which the mess is established;

    • Teachers, supervisors, inspectors and administrators employed in schools sponsored by DND;

    • Other civilians similarly employed at or in connection with the unit or other element served by the mess;

    • Members of the Supplementary List, CIC or Canadian Rangers; and

    • Members of the regular armed forces of other countries serving in the vicinity of the unit or other element served by the mess.

  • Officer Cadets. This category comprises officer cadets of the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) attending university during their academic year if a mess is not established at their institution; and

  • Social. This category comprises personnel other than those mentioned in categories above, who may be admitted to membership for a term not exceeding one year, upon the recommendation of the mess committee, the majority vote of those present at a general mess meeting and the approval of the Commanding Officer. The membership can be renewed on a yearly basis and does not require a re-application to become an assiciate. Many of the current associate members are classified as Social members in accordance with Canadian Armed Forces Policy.

Every associate member must pay Mess dues.

Honorary Members

Honorary memberships are extended to those persons who hold public office or recognized civilian appointments, such as a Member of Parliament, Mayor or senior magistrate/judge.

Honorary members do not pay mess dues nor serve the Mess in any capacity


Ordinary Members are required to pay their mess dues directly to the Treasurer of the Mess. Payment options are available upon request. 

Associate Membership Dues
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